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Welcome Dealicia and Dealsdavve! 

This isn't really a brand new friendship for Fyndiq, but it's finally time to present the persons behind the Daily and Weekly deals!

Every week Dealicia and Dealsdavve searches high and low for really amazing deals that promises to give a you some great Small moments of Joy! 

Alicia, or Dealicia as you know her, is a bubbly 27 years old young lady from Stockholm. Or depending on how you see it, she was born there but has been living in eight different countries since her baby days, and is fluent in eight different languages. Aint nobody got time for bragging about all the languages Dealicia speaks, she is always on the run and of course with at least ten lipsticks in her bag. 

Something there always is time for to talk about is highlighters, Sylvia Plath and phone cases for sure. The best thing in the world is to test out new products, Dealicia tells us. And sharing the Small moments of Joy to everyone you come across. To keep life hacks to oneself is so rude, Dealicia says, It's like you hate mankind when you do that! 

Does your nail polish and lipstick gotta match? Oh no way who has da time? What about your nail polish and phone case then? H*ll yeah! They go hand in hand, so to say. 

Dealicia is confident yet very humble, and even tho her fave hobby is beauty she loves spending time with her best friends little baby daughter!  

Dealicias BFF name is Davve, aka Dealsdavve and they also work together! Can you imagine - being able to work with your best friend! Speaking of Dealsdavve - here he is! 

Dealsdavve  is born and raised in Ope, Östersund and is a real out doors kind of guy. Football is of course a hard core hobby since he was a lil kid and so is spending time out in the woods. Dealsdavve is that kind of a person that can sit in a cab between clubs with his best, and oh so busy, buds and say "You guys, we gotta make time to see each other once a month and... go fly fishing!". Between the clubs in Ope? you think, there can not be many up there. No it is not, Dealsdavve moved to Stockholm when he was 25 to study design on Hyper Island, and since then he has been living on Södermannagatan in Södermalm. Dealsdavve chuckles at the typical Stockholm hipster that drinks their darn cold brew and greases their beards with oils scented with bergamot. The real deal is to have a fist of buckthorn, he says. Eat a fist of it and it will strengthen body and beard, he laughs. Is Dealsdavve 59 years old? Naa, he is 30 and besides being a real nature kind of guy he also is really interested in design and technology. He loves gadgets and is always on the look out for new cool gears to make life more easy. Does Davve have 16 wallet ninjas? Yes he does. 

Every week Dealicia and her BFF Dealsdavve picks out a range of cool products and pushes down the prices substantially so every bargain hunter can get themself an amazing deal!