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No more secrets, no more lies 9781556437380

No more secrets, no more lies
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"No More Secrets, No More Lies", the third book of "The Sirian Revelations" trilogy, reveals the misinformation that has been utilized to disempower the human race, while illuminating the fundamental tools for those who intend to ascend with Earth in the forthcoming transformation of our universe. Its purpose is to reveal the great conspiracy that, for millennia, has deterred humankind from achieving absolute liberation and claiming its birthright as the inheritors of the galactic realm. The book is intended as a guide to free us from the designs of the dark warriors, and designed to serve as a manual for clearing our minds, once and for all, of the debris that has settled as 'conviction' in our personal and collective belief systems.For this endeavour, the culmination of the trilogy, the "Sirian High Council" is aided and joined by light beings from the 8th dimension: the Overlighted Ones. Their contribution raises the vibrational essence of the material to an even higher frequency - for many people, their help is a vehicle of attunement and a way out of the maze of fear and powerlessness that has held them from fulfilling their mission. Who really rules the universe? What is death? What is ascension? Are there simultaneous realities? Who are the Children of the Violet Oversoul? "No More Secrets, No More Lies" peels off the layers of misinformation surrounding our existence on Earth and reveals an unexpected message of hope and positive change.

Titel: No more secrets, no more lies
ISBN: 9781556437380
Bandtyp: Pocket
Språk: Engelska

Produktnummer: 17103679

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