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Nail Clippers for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals (1) Nail Clippers for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals (2) Nail Clippers for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals (3) Nail Clippers for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals (4) Nail Clippers for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals (5)

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Nail Clippers for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals

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Nail Clippers for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals - 100% Shatter-Free Thanks to Sharpest Stainless Steel Blades - Claw Clippers + Nail File + Claw Care Manual - Professional Claw Cutter with Safety Guard

Torn nails hurt like hell. Of course, this also applies to pets whose claws tear off or splinter. No matter whether dog, cat or hamster: a careful pedicure is actually mandatory. But the claw care is a thing that is often postponed. Either because the fur nose fidgets too much and as the owner you are worried about slipping off with the sharp claw scissors. Or because some scissors become dull much too quickly and the claw clip becomes a feat of strength.

Durable, safe claw scissors from Pettle

At Pettle, we do everything we can to make claw care for dogs, cats and small animals easy and safe. Our self-developed claw scissors are ergonomically designed and so sharp that your favorite claws have no chance of splintering. The SafetyGuard Protection (only for claw scissors size L and M) against too deep cutting gives you security with regular claw care.

What remains after cutting the claws: clean, securely trimmed claws and your satisfied pet. Instead of making appointments in the pet salon or at the veterinarian, you can take care of your loved one yourself and absolutely safely. The money saved in this way can be easily invested in new toys or treats.

Shatter-free claw care: the claw care of your four-legged friend is now easy and safe: Precisely cutting stainless steel blades, SafetyGuard protection and ergonomic handles never chipping claws again.
Durable: cumbersome claw care in the animal salon? Not with us! High-quality stainless steel and a sturdy claw scissors accompany you reliably for years in the care of your favorite claws.
Large & medium dogs: our large dog claw pliers for large or medium furry noses. For a secure grip and perfect claw care.
Our claw care kits are recommended by veterinarians. The box contents include the claw cutters, the matching nail file and our manual for the optimal pedicure of your darling.

Produktnummer: 40768795