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Sneakers BarBaksideskal till Apple iPhone 5C (Camel)

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Sneakers BarBaksideskal till Apple iPhone 5C (Camel)

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Details: The one-of-a-kind Sneakers Bar Zenus Sneakers Bar is handmade by craftsman, therefore, the pattern of the case may slightly vary. This is one of the magnificent features from a handcraft product because the case you are carrying will be your one-of-a-kind. Leather Enclosed Method Zenus case applies Leather-enclosed Mold Method by connecting the front and back leather with form of fitting design to protect the entire phone from external impacts. It can provide your phone from any kind of damages and external scratches. Plus, it is easy to be installed or removed without forming any scratches. Speaker hole and cutouts are precisely designed to access all features. Chamude Pad to Prevent Scratches Zenus Sneakers Bar is applying chamude pad for the inner material of cover in order to prevent scratch and protect device. The quality of leather are good tear, tensile strength, elasticity, breathability, and water vapor permeability. Zenus Case take care of every single details to satisfy a customer's needs. Italian PU Zenus picks and chooses every piece of leather very carefully because we notice that smartphone case is very important to people nowadays. We treasure every inch of a leather and carefully turn them into a warm and soft leather case. Zenus Sneakers Bar is made of Italian PU with different patterns of leather crafting which enhances the feeling of sportiness. Meanwhile, Zenus Sneakers Bar is excellent in preventing scratches and scuffs. Know more about the characteristics of the specific materials to keep the case longer. 1. Gently wipe away dust with a brush or dry cloth on surface. 2. The product can be easily contaminated if kept together with a colored product in a long time. 3. The product can be easily contaminated or worn out if kept in a humid environment (rain, snow, sweat and body temperature). 4. Please do not wash the case if the surface of the leather is found de-colored. Please be aware humidity / heated object might cause damages to the product. 5. Rub the surface of the leather with pressure might cause damages to the product. 6. Please apply leather cream if stain is found on surface of product. (Please avoid applying strong acidic liquid like thinner or acetone on leather)