Removal Request

  • You have to be the actual rights holder or the person authorised to act on behalf of the rights holder, their officially designated representative. Representative must provide signed power of attorney

  • We need your contact details (name, address, e-mail address) and corporate registration number.

All Removal Requests must include a detailed and defined scope of the alleged infringement, including:

  • direct link(s) to the infringing content @Fyndiq.se. Please specify if you are referring to the a) product or b) its description (or photo) or both a) and;

  • a description why you think you believe this is an infringement (e.g., copyright, trademark or patent) for each product or ad

  • PDF copy of trademark/patent registration or other intellectual property rights.

Statement of good faith and veracity

We require confirmation from you as a rightsholder or agent that you are acting in good faith and that - under penalty of perjury - all information provided is true and correct.

Please send the above mentioned documents to the following e-mail address: removal.request@fyndiq.se.