Reach out to millions of new customers –

easy and efficient

Fyndiq is the largest marketplace for bargains in the Nordics. Our primary goal is to connect great merchants with bargain-hungry buyers and be the place where bargains come to life!

Advantages of Fyndiq marketplace

  • Many years of experience in the industry

  • Reach new customers across the Nordics

  • Fyndiq is a well-known and trusted brand in the Nordic region

  • Personal merchant support

  • No binding period or startup fees

Fyndiq started with the goal of being a simple and effective upselling channel for merchants to maximize their sales. As a Fyndiq merchant, you pay a monthly fee and a fee per sold product.

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One million bargain-hunting customers visit us each month to discover millions of great products at great prices. Together, we’re building the ultimate online bargain store!

How do I register to start selling?


  • The company must be VAT-registered in the EU
    Companies need to have stock in the EU or imported (customs declared) into the EU before shipped to the respective market (SE, DK, FI, NO)

  • Delivery time maximum 21 working days (Monday-Friday) for products between order and delivery

  • Product data in English or local Nordic language per market (e.g. product title & description)

  • Product price in local currency, SEK in Sweden, DKK in Denmark, EUR in Finland and NOK in Norway

  • One of the following return solutions is required:

    1. Local return address

    2. Pre-paid customer return slip provided on demand

    3. Or you can choose to credit the order

  • We only allow companies, not private individuals, to sell on our platform

  • Settlement will take place to a bank account provided by the merchant and in the merchant's name (EU IBAN/ BIC required) in the local currency of the market you are selling on.

Some of the things we consider in your application are:

  • How your assortment matches Fyndiq's assortment

  • How many products you have

  • Experience in e-commerce

  • If you are selling on other marketplaces

Are you interested in selling on Fyndiq? Great!

You are welcome to apply here!